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12 Feb / Talking Doc in Pakistan


I had a really great opportunity to do a talk at the Indus Valley School of Art in Karachi, Pakistan this week.  Since most of what the film students there discuss in class is the making of films, I thought I would talk about the distribution.  These last two projects have given me a chance to delve into the world of markets and dealmaking in a way I’ve never experienced before.  I tried to share some of what I learned.

The talk was called Documentary Films and the Market Place, but I would have liked to name it: There Are Privileged White Producers in the US & Europe Who Wish They Were You.

Of course there is a bit of tongue in cheek here, but the core of the idea is valid.  There are so many amazing and unique stories in Pakistan that are difficult for outsiders to tell.  Whether Pakistani filmmakers team up with outside producers or go it alone, I wanted to stress to them that there is a place for their work in the market.  They just have to be aware of what kinds of stories sell, and how to speak to the US & European audience.





By Sofian Khan in Documentary
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