Capital K Pictures | ‘Gaucho del Norte’ premieres at Big Sky
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17 Feb / ‘Gaucho del Norte’ premieres at Big Sky


We had our festival premiere of Gaucho in Missoula, Montana this past week, at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

The film competed in the Big Sky Award section (which we didn’t win) and played to a packed house.  The people of Missoula love films, it seems, and really come out in support.  And it was a chance for us to meet other filmmakers.  The highlights for me were Sara Dosa’s ‘The Last Season’ & Andrea Scott’s ‘Florence, Arizona’, and a workshop on crowdfunding with Seed & Spark founder Emily Best.


SofianKhan_AndresCaballero_BigSkyDocumentaryFilmFestival1 SofianKhan_AndresCaballero_BigSkyDocumentaryFilmFestival2 SofianKhan_AndresCaballero_BigSkyDocumentaryFilmFestival3 SofianKhan_AndresCaballero_BigSkyDocumentaryFilmFestival4


Our next screening will be in Idaho at the Sun Valley Film Festival in March.




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