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27 Oct / Fusion Doc Challenge


Earlier this month we entered a challenge to make a film in 5 days.  I’ve always wanted to do one of these but never managed to find the time to do it.  Finally, we had a shot and I don’t regret it one bit (although I’m spent!).  At one stretch towards the end, myself and sound mixer Barbaros Kaynak were awake all night putting the finishing touches.  I went 30 hours without sleeping!  The film we made was about the origins of VHS (the genre was historical) and it gave me a chance to work again with my old high school buddy Mike Rasulo and feature some of the early films we made on VHS.  It really made me reflect on how far the whole process has come… the fact that I can put together a highly produced 6-minute piece in five days is crazy — including visual effects, titles, music et al.

We’ll post the film soon.  But for now, here are a few production snaps!

pic1 pic2 pics3

By Sofian Khan in Documentary, Short Film
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