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21 Oct / ‘The Interpreter’ Production Wraps


We are overjoyed for our film’s main subject (and good friend), interpreter “Phillip Morris”, whose family joined him last week in Minneapolis after two tense years of waiting.  Thanks in great part to the help of Phillip’s friend — US veteran Paul Braun (also our good friend) — Phillip and his family were able to persevere through the long waiting periods and navigate the red tape around the Special Immigrant Visa system.  Now they have safely landed in their new home.  We had the great honor of accompanying them from their stopover in DC to meet Phillip in Minneapolis.  It was a tearful and joyous reunion.  We hope to see other deserving interpreters we’ve filmed with enjoy the same happy conclusion.

This event marks the end of production on our film and the official beginning of post-production.

By Sofian Khan in Documentary
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