Capital K Pictures | Swet Shop Boys – ‘Aaja’ Video Launches
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05 Mar / Swet Shop Boys – ‘Aaja’ Video Launches


The second video we did for the Swet Shop Boys is out and about.  Featuring Ali Sethi, with a cameo from actor Ahmed Razvi, the video kicks off with Riz, Heems and Redinho performing a qawaali show while a parallel storyline plays out of a kid on Coney Island Avenue trying to convince a girl he meets to come to the show with him.  Director Sofian Khan also made a cameo as the Sexy Motherfakir towards the end of the piece.  Bob Blankemeier shot the video material and Nausheen Dadabhoy lensed the 35mm section.

The video is on Youtube/Vevo:

SofianKhan_AhmedRazvi_SwetShopBoys_Aaja SofianKhan_SexyMotherfakir_Aaja SwetShopBoys_SofianKhan_Aaja

By Sofian Khan in Directing
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