Capital K Pictures | ‘The Interpreters’ in Minneapolis and Salem NC
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09 Apr / ‘The Interpreters’ in Minneapolis and Salem NC


This weekend ‘The Interpreters’ played at the Minneapolis-St Paul Film Festival, and at Salem North Carolina’s Riverrun Film Festival. ┬áSofian was in attendance at Minneapolis, along with former Iraqi interpreter Khalid Awda (aka “Phillip Morris”) and his family. ┬áMinneapolis-based producer Mark Steele also attended the second of the two screenings.

It was great to bring the film to Minneapolis, where a portion of the filming took place.

festival_QA_TheinterpretersfilmMSP_Interpreters_filmfestival Riverrun_Interpreters_1TheInterpreters_MinneapolisStPaul_SofianKhan

By Sofian Khan in Documentary
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