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‘The Dickumentary’ on Comcast’s TV Blog

21 Apr, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

Chi-hui Yang posted a short interview today that he conducted with me for Comcast’s TV Blog.  I had the pleasure of being part of a month-long seminar this past summer at UnionDocs, during which Chi-hui curated daily screenings of documentaries of all stripes, followed by…

Reddit AMA on ‘The Dickumentary’

03 Apr, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

I was invited to do an Ask Me Anything session yesterday on Reddit.  It was a really interesting experience engaging in a no frills text-based discussion about the film.  Even after the scheduled hour, I’m still getting questions.  I hope that as the film reaches…

‘The Dickumentary’ DVD / VOD release

01 Apr, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

The Dickumentary was released yesterday on DVD / VOD in the US.  The NY Post did a piece on the 5 most interesting facts about the penis, while HuffPost filed a story based on the special feature clip we exclusively provided to them about the phallic…

‘Gaucho’ at the American Documentary Film Festival

30 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

For the west coast premiere of the film we were invited to screen at AmDocs in Palm Springs.  We also took part in the AmDocs Film Fund pitch competition with our new project ‘The Interpreter’.  We will find out whether the jury will award us…

West Coast Sneak Preview of ‘The Dickumentary’

28 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

Last night’s screening in San Diego was organized by one of the film’s subjects, Michael Chavez, who we followed having penile enhancement surgery in 2014.  He gathered friends and family at The Hideout for an intimate sneak peek.  (and by intimate I mean that they all…

‘Gaucho’ NYC Premiere

23 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

We were thrilled this Saturday to finally premiere our film on home turf.  Thanks to the Rated Socially Relevant Film Festival, who programmed ‘Gaucho’ in a 630pm slot, we had a packed screening at Tribeca Cinemas. In the audience were many of the people who supported our…

Sun Valley Film Festival

10 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

We returned this week to Idaho — the first time since wrapping our shoot there– for the second festival screening of ‘Gaucho del Norte’ at the Sun Valley Film Festival.  It was a treat to play the film for an audience who understand aspects of it that…

‘Gaucho’ Behind-the-Scenes

04 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

  For the first time as a filmmaking duo, Andres & I were interviewed on camera for a digital special feature.  Since we were on opposite coasts at the time, in New York and LA, and the host of America ReFramed, Natasha del Toro, was…

‘Gaucho del Norte’ premieres at Big Sky

17 Feb, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

We had our festival premiere of Gaucho in Missoula, Montana this past week, at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. The film competed in the Big Sky Award section (which we didn’t win) and played to a packed house.  The people of Missoula love films, it…