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Talking Doc in Pakistan

12 Feb, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

I had a really great opportunity to do a talk at the Indus Valley School of Art in Karachi, Pakistan this week.  Since most of what the film students there discuss in class is the making of films, I thought I would talk about the distribution….

‘Gaucho del Norte’ on PBS

11 Feb, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

Last month, we had the U.S. TV premiere of Gaucho del Norte on the PBS series America ReFramed. Here is the official promo: This month they have put the film online, where it will be available for free to US audiences for a month.

Frying in Hell

10 Feb, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

Four years ago I made a film about Florida pastor Terry Jones, who at the time was planning to put the Koran on trial (he ultimately ended up burning it).  I also followed a Southern Baptist turned Muslim in a  nearby town who was deeply…