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‘The Interpreters’ at the Annapolis Film Festival

25 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

This weekend, ‘The Interpreters’ played at the Annapolis Film Festival, followed by lively Q&A’s with the local audiences.  Being a military town, with lots of active personnel in the area, we had the opportunity to talk with a number of veterans who had experience working directly with…

‘The Interpreters’ plays in Istanbul

13 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

As part of an event hosted by the Istanbul Cinema Network, in partnership with Tribeca, IDA and Women Make Movies, ‘The Interpreters’ is playing twice on March 12th and 13th at the Soho House in Istanbul.

‘Do We Belong?’ at the DC Independent Film Festival

13 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

On Saturday, March 10th, ‘Do We Belong?’ played in the shorts program at the DC Independent Film Festival — a festival we previously played at with ‘Gaucho del Norte’.  No one from the team was able to attend, but we appreciated being part of this…

‘The Interpreters’ featured on Voice of America

04 Feb, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

A short broadcast and web piece published by VOA features a brief interview with Sofian Khan and clips from the film.  The news story provides an update about the status of the visa program, which potentially faces de-funding at this time. You can read the…

‘The Interpreters’ on Independent Lens

04 Feb, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

We’re very excited to announce that ‘The Interpreters’ will be airing on PBS’ Independent Lens series in the 2019-2020 season.  We’re very excited to be featured on this incredible series, which will give the film a chance to reach a large national audience.

‘The Interpreters’ – Alaska Premiere

08 Dec, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

‘The Interpreters’ played this week at the Anchorage International Film Festival.  Although we couldn’t attend, we were very excited that the festival organizers — in conjunction with the Alaska World Affairs Council — brought in immigration lawyer and former Lt. Col. Margaret to conduct a…