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‘The Interpreters’ at the TRT Documentary Awards in Istanbul

08 May, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

‘The Interpreters’ played once again in Turkey, this time as part of TRT’s Documentary Awards.  Both Sofian Khan and Andres Caballero were in attendance for the two screenings, and took part in the other events organized by the channel.  ‘The Interpreters’ was featured as part…

‘The Interpreters’ wins at Florida Film Festival

23 Apr, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

We got news this weekend that ‘The Interpreters’ took the Special Jury prize for Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking at the Florida Film Festival.  We were unable to attend the festival but were honored to receive this recognition. Learn more at:

‘The Interpreters’ in Minneapolis and Salem NC

09 Apr, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

This weekend ‘The Interpreters’ played at the Minneapolis-St Paul Film Festival, and at Salem North Carolina’s Riverrun Film Festival.  Sofian was in attendance at Minneapolis, along with former Iraqi interpreter Khalid Awda (aka “Phillip Morris”) and his family.  Minneapolis-based producer Mark Steele also attended the…

‘The Interpreters’ reviewed in Hammer to Nail

04 Apr, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

Hammer to Nail wrote a nice short review of the film.  Big thanks to Christopher Llewellyn Reed for watching the film at the Annapolis Film Festival last week, and for taking the time to share his thoughts here: THE INTERPRETERS

‘The Interpreters’ at the Annapolis Film Festival

25 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

This weekend, ‘The Interpreters’ played at the Annapolis Film Festival, followed by lively Q&A’s with the local audiences.  Being a military town, with lots of active personnel in the area, we had the opportunity to talk with a number of veterans who had experience working directly with…

‘The Interpreters’ plays in Istanbul

13 Mar, by Sofian Khan in Documentary

As part of an event hosted by the Istanbul Cinema Network, in partnership with Tribeca, IDA and Women Make Movies, ‘The Interpreters’ is playing twice on March 12th and 13th at the Soho House in Istanbul.