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Short Film

The Art of Dick Pics on NY Post

14 Jan, by Sofian Khan in Documentary, Short Film

                  A short video I did for the NY Post launched yesterday.  I made it in the aftermath of the release of ‘The Dickumentary’.  Soraya Doolbaz, a NY-based photographer who “takes dick pics professionally” contacted me and…

Fusion Doc Challenge

27 Oct, by Sofian Khan in Documentary, Short Film

Earlier this month we entered a challenge to make a film in 5 days.  I’ve always wanted to do one of these but never managed to find the time to do it.  Finally, we had a shot and I don’t regret it one bit (although…

‘Fifth Avenue’ Online Premiere on The Wire

14 Sep, by Sofian Khan in Documentary, Short Film

A short film I made based on my friend Hasan Mujtaba’s poem “Fifth Avenue” made its online premiere today on the Indian news site The Wire.  It was a very fulfilling summer side project on which I had the pleasure to work with a great team…

‘Bill Houlihan’ Premieres at New York Indian Film Festival

06 May, by Sofian Khan in Short Film

A short film I wrote & directed, starring Aizzah Fatima and Sam Osterhout, had its premiere at the NYIFF last night.  We screened with two other films to a nearly full house, and were thrilled to hear the audience laughing throughout.  Last year our short ‘Stuff’…